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Wayland’s historic district is dominated by the 1815 First Parish Church, designed and built by Andrews Palmer of Newburyport, who adapted an Asher Benjamin design. The Rev. Edmund Sears served as minister for 17 years and wrote “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” for a First Parish Sunday school celebration in 1849. Wealthy Bostonians soon established summer homes in town. Willard Austin Bullard purchased the residence beside the church and christened it Kirkside, and William Power Perkins purchased Mainstone Farm and established the first Guernsey cow farm in the state. By the mid- to late 1800s, Cochituate Village was dominated by a well-established shoe industry and stately Victorian homes lined the streets. A little more than a century later, the town was preparing for an influx of folks from the city. Howard Russell and Allen Benjamin created an official town map, designating streets, and delineating the established uses for the town’s 15.2 square miles. Thanks to the vision and hard work of these men and others like them, the town still retains a semblance of its rural atmosphere with almost 3,000 acres of permanently protected open space.

WAYLAND A to Z: A Dictionary of Then and Now

This book contains many fascinating facts about people, places, and events that are unique to the character of the town--both historic and current. Topics are arranged alphabetically so that readers can open the book to any page and read a few minutes, or if intrigued, a few hours.


This book looks at the lives and traditions of four nations--the Iroquois, Cherokee, Sioux and Hopi. Ages 4 to 8. Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2004 and Ticktock Media, Britain, 2004.


Order from Japanese website.

Roman and Greek mythology share many of the same gods and goddesses. However, Roman myths have evolved more from real, historical figures and events than did tales from Greek mythology.
Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2002

During the Dark Ages, Britain was without a king and the country was divided. Death and destruction reigned over the land as power-hungry overlords armed themselves and fought against their fellow countrymen. But out of those dark and violent centuries, a legendary leader arose; King Arthur became one of the most famous figures in British literature. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2002

Long before they were written down, American Indian myths were kept alive by a strong oral tradition. These fascinating stories embrace a wide variety of supernatural characters, including animals, spirit-beings, and heavenly bodies, all of whom helped shape the universe.
Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2001

Storytellers told two kinds of stories: ancient and recent. Ancient stories told about encounters with animals in human form, and about witches and sea goddesses. Recent tales included adventures of hunters on land and sea--stories about courage, strength, vanity, and conceit.
Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2001

Growing Up Indian

Indian children never had to take naps. They could eat whenever they got hungry. They were never spanked and were rarely punished. And they didn't have to go to school. Yet, these children grew up to be responsible, productive members of their communities.

From Abenaki to Zuni: A Dictionary of Native American Tribes

Sixty-eight of the larger North American Indian tribes including information about the nature of the land on which they lived and hunted, the types of houses they built, the clothing they wore, the foods they ate, their means of travel, and where their descendants live today.

From the Earth to Beyond the Sky: Native American Medicine

An absorbing glimpse into a mysterious and still powerful world.

The Teton Sioux

A brief history of the Lakota (Teton Sioux) with a glance at the present.

The Iroquois

A brief history of the Iroquois and information about life today.

Environmental Education: A Manual for Elementary Educators

Teaching through direct participation.

Hot Flashes from Abroad: Women's Travel Tales & Adventures

Evelyn Wolfson's "Journey to the Sea" follows the author and three friends in two canoes while they paddle from the Concord to the Merrimack rivers and out to the sea at Newburyport.

American Indian Habitats
American Indian Utensils
American Indian Tools and Ornaments

How to Make Dwellings and Shelters with Natural Materials
Make your Own Basketry, Woodenware, and Pottery with Natural Materials
How to Make Implements and Jewelry with Bone and Shell